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I want to introduce our installers Larry Taylor has been certified with Roland wrap class In Louisville Ky. This is a class that teaches all of the techniques that give you the best results. When you wrap or install vinyl the most inportant step is preparation. (cleaning & removing wax and road grim}.

Two of our other installers have been certified with Fellers class in Tulsa Oklahoma. We were there for a week wrapping different vehicles from a Lamborghini to a dually truck sides of box trucks and using three brands of vinyl to see how each is different. Being certified from two different schools and doing it over time has gave us the best information and learn from the best installers on the market.

#1 Step is to work with our designer, talk about the overall design elements you want in your wrap. The designer then can use his vision that you want and make it pop. The best wrap is not just product and installing but the best wrap is the best design & product & installation. When you get all of these you got a great wrap. Most of the wraps we do are for advertising and it is the best money you can spend. ROI is better than all other forms of adds I have compared. Just for an example if a wrap last on your company van for 4 years and you pay $3600. to $4000. for it. Your cost is only $83.33 per month. What kind of add can you buy for that? Some our smaller cars or partial wraps my only cost $1500. that will get you the best ROI on the market. That is why some many companies wrap their work trucks.

#2 We will present you with the design in our templates so you can see what it will look like on the car or truck. When this step is approved.

#3 We start the printing and lamination, some people will want to cut corners on this step by using less expensive vinyl or no lamination. We will not do a wrap without using the best wrap vinyl and lamination, It's just not worth it. I have large company like Time Warner bringing vinyl to our shop wanting us to install it. It was not laminated, so the executive that paid for these nation wide desired to save money and do it with out lamination, but they really did not save money because the labor charge will be twice-as much because it is twice as hard to install with out lamination. Plus it does not last as long. This is just one example of doing it correct or cutting corners. We do it wright the first time so our customers don't have problems and we are all much happier at the end of the day.

#4 Last step is to set up an appointment for the install we like to have the your car or truck for at least one day longer than the install to heat set the vinyl and let it set over night in the same temperature before you take it out in the climate.